In Burgundy, SIAG France SAS, located in Le Creusot in 2003, and Céole, located Longvic created in 2007, were the only French manufacturers of steel towers for wind generator. Recognized in their industry and each employing a hundred people on site, the two companies engaged in an average of 150 towers (600 segments) per year.

As the majority of wind energy players in France but also in Europe, they faced a difficult environment over the past two years.

End of 2012, Pelican Venture holding of the Gorgé family, also a shareholder of the industrial group Gorgé, took control of the two French tower manufacturers: Céole and SIAG France.

The recovery of these two entities has allowed the preservation of nearly 200 jobs in the Burgundy region and led to the creation of Francéole, French leader in the construction of towers for the wind energy.

Chaired by Jean-Pierre Gorgé, the new group has two subsidiaries, Francéole Creusot and Francéole Dijon, plans initially to capitalize on the experience and sustain the activity of its production sites, and to position itself long-term industrial company as an innovative reference on renewable energy in France and Europe.