Our skills and know-how

FRANCEOLE has all necessary skills and know how at its disposal.

FRANCEOLE has its staff trained and qualified for each step of production:

  • GMAW Welders
  • SAW  Welders
  • Steelworker
  • Painters
  • Sand Blasters
  • Mechanical Assemblers
  • Electricians
  • Controllers
  • Alpinists
  • Engineers

With an integrated quality process and internal and external controls, FRANCEOLE provides to its customers an exceptional quality level, the reliability of its production and a quick-response customer support.

FRANCEOLE, with its many years of experience focused on wind power equipment and specialized teams, provides to its clients and prospects skills and know-how rare on the market. Our expertise allows us to adapt easily to the specific demands of our partners for their satisfaction.

FRANCEOLE is particularly sensitive, like its customers, to certifications, respect of safety and environment and takes all necessary measures to continuously improve in these areas.