Nordex and FrancEole, it’s done.


The manufacturer of wind turbine Nordex has just entrusted the production of his first French masts to the company FrancEole. Having satisfied the process of qualification, FrancEole obtained at first an order of steel towers, 100 meters in height, intended for the … German market.

“We are very proud of the confidence which is granted to us by the company Nordex” indicates to us Mathias REGNIER, Sales Manager of FrancEole, ” especially as these first towers will be installed a few kilometers away from Leipzig, in Germany “.

It is an additional step which FrancEole has just passed with his new customer Nordex. The main objective is of course the French market for which FrancEole wants to bring all its support to the ambitious projects of Nordex.

“This first agreement with Nordex “, adds Mathias REGNIER, “is a key point of our strategy and we so keep our momentum of extension of customer portfolio with the leadership on our market in target “.